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Nuts in chocolate: hazelnut in white chocolate glaze.

Catalogue of sweets Sweets-nuts in chocolate Nuts in chocolate: hazelnut in white chocolate glaze


Huzelnut in white chocolate glaze;
Hazelnut in milk chocolate glaze;
Hazelnut in chocolate glaze;


Healthy and elegant delicacy for lovers of good food. Hazelnut is a specially bred variety of nuts, which is the closest relative of the wild hazelnut.
Due to the high content of vitamin E and vegetable fat filbert nut is very nutritious,but poor in carbohydrates. Amount of calories in hazelnut is higher than that in meat and fish, so it is very popular in vegetarian cuisine.
Kernels of sweet, whole, crunchy nut in chocolate are not just for the joy of a sweet tooth, but also a source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for human health.
Flavorous dark chocolate, which covers nuts with thick layer, makes these sweets a king’s dessert.
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