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Sweets: fruit and nuts in chocolate
from the confectionery plant “Russkoe dragee”

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nuts in chocolate

Fruit in chocolate

Delicate taste of white and dark chocolate and healthy qualities of dried fruit are combined together in the collection of sweets fruit in chocolate by the famous Russian confectionery plant “Russkoe dragee”. Exclusive recipe, quality control on all stages of production of confectionery products, highest quality of dried fruit are the main things on which our production process is based. We are sure that both children and adults will like sweets by “Granddian”.

Nuts in chocolate - is the favorite sweet delicacy for children and adults.Hazel nut, peanut, walnut taken with chocolate give an forgettable taste to sweets produced by our confectionery plant. Healthy qualities of nuts and energy of chocolate, which are known for thousands of years, make this product a real dessert for gourmets. |

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Chocolate sweets Fruit and nuts in chocolate .