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To sweet tooth

Dear buyers!

We are glad to introduce you our sweet products. The main aim of our enterprise is to give pleasure to our buyers. Sophisticated by modern range of confectionery and chocolate products, you, our customers prefer only good quality products. We hope that high standards of quality of our sweets will make it popular between you. Fruit and nuts in chocolate. Pearls of pleasure in the crown of taste. Only a tender treatment attitude to the ingredients, their careful selection can get a perfect taste of chocolate desserts.



About it we know a lot… but not all. Chocolate refers to products that gives pleasure. Feeling the taste, unforgettable aftertaste – only these qualities belong to the real chocolate. So what is the difference between chocolate and sweet mass of brown color just like a chocolate?



We offer you to remember healthy qualities of these wonderful gifts of nature. Nuts contain all major classes of nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), the caloric content is not lower than in most food, but unlike mach of it, they, with the rational use, do not contribute to weight gain. It seems that nuts do not have any harmful substances and they are solid concentrated benefits. Bend your fingers: first, there is almost no cholesterol in nut fats, but they have fatty acids, which our organism can not produce itself. Secondly, proteins of nuts fully replace animal proteins, and bring your favorite treat to the standard - the so-called ideal protein. Thirdly, there is not many carbohydrates in nuts. That’s why this product is very good for people. The main thing for us is to choose for our products only high quality nut.



Dried fruits

Dried fruits belong to the category of concentrated sweet products. However, they do not contain the kind of sugar which we put in tea. They contain fructose and glucose, which are very healthy carbohydrates and do not rise the level of insulin in blood. Dried fruits are high-calorie, but this are not the calories which biscuits and cakes have. In the Middle Ages dried fruits considered to be delicacies. Spanish queen Isabella, wanted to encourage a damsel and sent her a box with candied fruit. All dried fruits help to normalize metabolic processes in the body. If you eat every day 5 pieces of prunes, figs, dates or dried apricots, you will forger forever about problems with intestine: they contain vegetable fibers, which counteract constipation and regulate the gastrointestinal tract.



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