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Confectionery plant “Russkoe dragee”. History of success.

The history of development of the confectionery plant «Russkoe dragee»is the history of success . From the beginning of production the conception of the highest quality and medium price of confectionery products was based.This rule has been still observed on all stages of company’s development.

 Confectionery plant. The history of the development of the production

As experience has shown, the strategy which had been chosen by our company was successful. The diagram below shows annual increase of the output product. Every year we not only increase the number of produced products in tons but also greatly  renew the assortment of sweets and produce more and more new sorts of nuts and fruit in chocolate.

 Confectionery plant. The schedule of sales of confectionery products.

Today’s assortment of confectionery products produced by our plant includes more than 30 sorts.

 Confectionery producing plant. Production of chocolate sweets.

High quality and rather low price allowed us to sell products of the confectionery plant not only in Russia but also to start export abroad. At the beginning our chocolate sweets were presented only in CIS countries. At present we export to the far-abroad countries including USA>.


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Chocolate sweets Fruit and nuts in chocolate .